Warning issued about dognappers in north Louth

A warning has been issued about dognappers who have been stealing pets in the north Louth area.

According to Fiona Squibb of the Louth SPCA, the individuals in question have been operating in the Faughart, Mountpleasant and Ravensdale areas in recent days.

Posting on her Facebook page, Fiona said: “Come on people lets get these unscrupulous people caught. We need to know where they are staying in area and to catch them with dogs.

“So folks it would appear dognappers are in our area now. They have been seen out in Faughart, Mountpleasant and Ravensdale. I have also been told of a drone flying out Feede/Jonesborough way.

“Be very vigilant with your dogs. Do not leave outside on own, do not let children go off walking dogs as they have been targets also. They have been know to jump out of vans and grab the dog. PLEASE PLEASE be on look out. Keep your pets safe.”