Dundalk Chamber of Commerce call for similar lockdown to that in the UK

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce have called on the Government to introduce a lockdown in the Republic of Ireland similar to the one introduced by Boris Johnson in the UK last night.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland show this morning, PRO Paddy Malone said the only way these measures could work in the North was if they were also introduced south of the border as well.

The local accountant said he was concerned about the impact crossing the border would have on both jurisdiction’s ability to prevent the spread of Covid-19 with around 3,000 people travelling from Newry to Dundalk for work purposes each day.

Mr Malone called for an ‘all island approach’ to be made and for the Irish Government to follow their counterparts in the UK by introducing stronger measures.

“If there are different measures, you would have discontent and questioning of orders.”

Further restrictions in the Republic are expected to be announced later today.