Dundalk man to appear on OAP B&B this Thursday

Dundalk man David Donnelly will appear in the new television series OAP B&B when it airs on Virgin Media this Thursday night.

OAP B&B follows the Eldershare model and it sees elderly homeowners paired up with young renters for two weeks, giving each a chance to experience life from a different perspective. For the renter, it’s a chance to live rent free, in return for their time and some chores.

At the end of two intensive weeks, they will each decide if they are willing to move in together and make the living arrangement permanent.

The 26-year-old student, who is originally from Belfry, will rent a room from widow Colette (70) at her Kildare home.

With his busy work and college schedule David spends more than four hours a day commuting which does not leave much time for a social life.

Colette on the other hand has a very active social life being part of a choir, weekly bingo and socialising with her large group of friends and family. With his commute cut down dramatically can Colette help David get back on the social scene?

Tune in to check out how Colette and David get on this Thursdayfrom 9.30pm on Virgin Media One.