Sinead McNally to appear on Ireland AM to discuss new track ‘My Silent Night’

Local singer/songwriter Sinead McNally is set to appear on Ireland AM on Thursday morning to discuss her new single ‘My Silent Night’.

The new track, which can be viewed below, tells Sinead’s personal story, which she will share to the nation on Virgin Media at 8.15am.

Earlier this year the Knockbridge woman revealed she has had five failed IVF cycles herself and said she had “never in my life experienced such feelings of exclusion and inadequacy.”

Outlining the background to the song, she said: “After 5 rounds of IVF I feel compelled to share this shit situation through art and music. More understanding is needed, more support, more conversations.

“I feel a bit vulnerable putting my suffering out there but hopefully when I get over the vulnerability I will do some good for anyone else who is going through or has been through this. Music is so powerful and we have powerful visuals to accompany the music so the plan is to kick some ass with an excellent production.”

Writing on YouTube following the song’s release, Sinead said: “For all the women and men who suffer this pain. I hope I have done something that leads to better support and understanding for us all. After my 5th IVF cycle failed I was beside myself with grief. This project gave me something to focus on, somewhere to channel all the grief.”