‘Superhero’ Gráinne begins Mizu Operation Transformation journey

Local woman Gráinne Hearty started her Mizu Operation Transformation journey last week after being selected from a wide range of entrants for the total body transformation competition valued at €5,000.

It has been a tough few months from the Bay Estate woman who stayed by her son Odhran’s bedside as he battled for his life in hospital in Belfast. During the 16-year-old’s fight for survival, Gráinne suffered another blow when her mum Josephine passed away suddenly.

Gráinne was put forward for the Mizu Operation Transformation prize, which includes classes at Oak Gym and Krav Maga and a nutrition plan from Rachel Graham, following a heartfelt letter from her friend Miceal which Mizu shared on their social media page last week.

It read: “I would like to nominate my friend Grainne Hearty for the Operation Transformation. To tell you Grainne is a superhero is an understatement.

“Grainne is married to Alan and has three children one of which is a type 1 diabetic and recently came perilously close to dying at aged 16.

“Grainne is not only a pillar for her friends and family but an integral part over the years to local lotto’s, neighbourhood watches, Irish dancing, Soccer and Gaelic clubs along with roping us all in for bucket collections and flag days along the way.

“The last few years have been incredibly tough for Grainne and honestly, I don’t have an idea how she has held it all together as many people would have locked themselves in a room and not come out.

“A few years ago, her husband went for an eye test in the Long Walk shopping centre, a run of the mill thing to the majority of us however he was told to go straight to the Mater Hospital in Dublin, within a matter of weeks he had his eye removed as there was a cancerous tumour found behind the eye.

“Her 16 year old son Odrin was at a concert in Belfast in June and he suffered multi organ failure and was on life support with a 1% chance of survival.

“Her mother stood up to the plate and kept her house and two children while Grainne and her husband did a vigil at Odi’s beside.

“One day in the middle of August Grainne’s Mum and best friend Josephine sadly passed away. This broke Grainne. The final straw in a horrible few months. Her rock her best friend gone.

“Grainne deserves the transformation to lift her spirits and give her the confidence that she needs for the next chapter in her life.”

Gráinne and Alan had been at a wedding in London when news broke at the start of summer that Odhran was on life support in the Mater Hospital in Belfast. Thankfully, he is on the road to recovery.

Pictured above: Gráinne and her son Odhran