Leading Muslim cleric warns Lisa Smith may be a threat to society if she returns home

One of Ireland’s leading Muslim clerics believes that Dundalk woman Lisa Smith “may be a threat to society” if she returns to Ireland.

The 37-year-old former Air Corps corporal is currently being held in Syria amid claims she had joined Isis.

Ms Smith has made it known she wants to return to Ireland with the Government looking to facilitate this.

However, Shaykh Dr Umar al-Qadri, chairman of the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council, said that Smith would not be welcome in Irish mosques or Islamic community centres if she returned to Ireland.

He also told The Sunday Business Post that she should be prosecuted and de-redicalised if she returned to Ireland.

He said: “Irish mosques will not be welcoming individuals like Lisa Smith that hold radical views or are known to have joined Isis, which has been rejected by the vast majority of Muslims.

“We believe she should be isolated and de-radicalised,” he said.

Despite his views Imam Nooh Buye from the Dundalk Muslim Community Mosque told The Business Post there was little he could do to stop her worshipping at the local Mosque on the Ramparts Road if she returned to Ireland.

He said: “We have no option but to receive our sister and let her pray with us. She has the freedom to worship in any place she likes.”