Caution advised due to strong winds today

Local motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to exercise caution this morning due to a wind warning that is in place across the country.

The warning came into force from 6am today and runs through until 8pm.

Met Éireann advised that it will be “very windy on Friday with storm force winds possible along parts of the coast.”

People are advised to take precaution during the 14 hour period in which the warning is in place.

Providing an update at 12.30am this morning, Louth Weather said: “Rain with SW winds slowly increasing overnight. The storm should track NE past Donegal towards The Scottish Western Isles tomorrow morning. The biggest impact will be felt along western and northern coastal counties. There’s been no change in the track on the recent model runs, but I’ve seen these situations often enough before to take nothing for granted. The latest models show a central pressure dropping to 954hPa, slightly deeper than earlier estimates.

“So a mix of sunshine and blustery showers for Friday. As outlined earlier, I’m expecting strongest winds around lunchtime Friday and then a second period of strong winds around midnight / early Saturday. Gusts in excess of 70kph are likely. While we have had stronger winds before, the potential for even stronger gusts developing is there. If the storm tracks a small distance further south, this could lead to stronger winds, the reverse if it tracks further north. Either way I think the further north you are, the higher the wind speeds.”