Wind and rain warning for Friday but big improvement likely for the weekend

A wind and rain warning has been issued for this Friday but the good news is there will be a big improvement for the weekend.

That’s the view of Louth Weather in their latest update for the next few days.

Their forecast for the weekend is as follows:

“FRIDAY: A dry start to Friday. However rain will arrive around midday and continue through the afternoon. Some of this will be heavy and with all the rain this week, some localised flooding we’ll occur. SE winds will become strong during the afternoon, with gusts of 80kph or more by mid-afternoon. While it’s impossible to accurately predict exact wind speeds, as I said earlier in the week, this storm has the potential to cause disruption, so again please keep an eye on my updates. Thankfully the lowest pressure and strongest winds will arrive after high tide at midday, so the risk of coastal flooding is reduced. Turning drier and less windy Friday evening.

“THE WEEKEND: After a wet and dull week, something to look forward to! Dry for much of the weekend, with lots of sunshine on Saturday and almost cloud-free on Sunday. Temperatures up to 12°C. Moderate SW winds.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.