Garvey fears pedestrian will be struck by car over blocked drain at Maxwell’s Row

Local activist Eugene Garvey has asked Louth County Council to ensure the drain at Maxwell’s Row, in the St Nicholas’ area of Dundalk, is cleared immediately.

In a statement on the matter Mr Garvey said there was an ongoing problem with blocked drains in the area at this time of year which was leading to pedestrians leaving the footpath to walk on the road. He said this had led to fears about someone being hit by a vehicle as a result.

He said “There is always a problem with blocked drains at this time of year, as the leaves fall the drains get clogged but this drain in particular is forcing pedestrians in the area onto the road and I am concerned that someone is going to get hit by a vehicle.

“Maxwell’s Row is quite a short road with corners at both ends of it. I have seen parents with prams coming into Maxwell’s Row from the bridge and having to veer off the footpath onto the road to get around the huge puddle. My fear is that a car turning into the road either from the Bridge Street end or the St Nicholas end would have very little time to see someone in the middle of the road pushing a pram and react as visibility of the entire street is non-existent until you actually turn into the Row.”

“I have reported this to the Council but in the meantime I would ask all pedestrians to be careful and ask motorists to approach Maxwell’s Row with extra caution.”