SS Dundalk Memorial to be unveiled on the Navvy Bank this Sunday

The unveiling of a new memorial in memory of those who perished on the SS Dundalk 100 years ago will take place at the Navvy Bank this Sunday.

The new SS Dundalk Memorial has been organised by the SS Dundalk Centenary Committee with the unveiling to take place at 1pm.

The SS Dundalk, a 235-foot-long merchant ship, was on her return trip from Liverpool’s Collinwood Dock to Dundalk Harbour on 14th October 1918 when she was torpedoed by a German submarine. The attack and subsequent sinking of the ship claimed 20 lives – 19 crew and one passenger, most of whom were local to Dundalk and surrounding areas.

A series of events took place earlier this year to commemorate the tragedy 100 years on by the committee, which included Audrey Tuite, Anne Howard, Betty Cleary, Charley McCarthy, Marie Agnew, Kevin O’Neill, Jacinta Kerley, Jim Kerley, Alan Bogan, Brian Walsh, Brendan McQuaid and Damien Higgins.

The Lost Souls of the SS Dundalk were: Hugh O’Neill, Master, Patrick Melia, AB, Daniel Stowell, QM (First Ship) William McKeown, AB, Francis Kieran, AB, Vincent Morgan, Greaser, Joseph Fox, Cattleman,Peter Sloane OS (First Ship), Edward Johnston, Chief Engineer, John Muckian,Fireman, Edward Bennett, Fireman , James Hernon Fireman, Thomas Tuite, Donkeyman Patrick Hughes, Fireman, John Stack, Fireman (First Ship), Joseph Halpenny, Fireman, Peter Matthews, Stewart, Margaret Creegan, Stewartess, Harold Grey, RNVR 2nd Gunner (First Ship), Samual John Cocks, Manager.

The Survivors: John Higgins, 2nd Mate, Patrick McCourt, AB, Patrick Byrne, AB, Pat Moonan, AB , John Mulqueen, 2nd Engineer, Thomas Fitzgerald, Winceman, Hugh O’Neill Fireman, Patrick Kearney, Cattleman, Francis Deery, Cattleman, James Tuite, Cattleman, T. Connor, RNR Gunner and Angus Ferguson, RNR Gunner.